How to accurately make out Guild Wars 2 gold buyers’ requirements?

Marketing, which is to achieve the goal of attracting users or stimulate the users’ consumption by changing the elements that affect the users’ determinations when they are purchasing. While for the marketing staff, that is to solve the problem of “attracting new users, competing goods and retain existing users, prompting users to buy once more, prompting the user to buy more ect.” So, as a marketing operation, you need to continuously improve the marketing strategy, and market research to understand the users’ needs.

Product operation hopes to know what should they do and why?

The database for an operation is direct. That is what should do to seize more attentions of users and why. However, there are two ways for us to look for customers. To asked directly about the discount. Quality, after-sales service is the most important factor of the user;
Actually when we make a choice, the importance of these three factors was decreased obviously, instead, website reputation, customer word of mouth, around friends recommends may make a bigger effect, as a product operation personnel, how to use these data?        

What factors have an obvious effect to “compete for customers, and gain profits? Is it the core factors of “Discount goods, quality, and after-sales service”?

What should they do?

First, learn exactly about the four main factors: price, product, Place, Promotion which will affect the result of customers to buy Guild Wars 2 gold from a site. 

Second, make clearly analysis on different customers. And make a detailed method to attract these customers. Compared with competitors, which advantages and disadvantages in your store.

Finally, what need reminds is that the personnel to grasp the user requirements for products are also important.


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